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デヴィッド・ポーター[David Porter] ‎– Gritty, Groovy & Gettin' It (1970) [デヴィッド・ポーター]

dp.jpgデヴィッド・ポーター[David Porter]
Gritty, Groovy & Gettin' It

1. I Only Have Eyes For You (Al Dubin, Harry Warren) 2:59
2. Guess Who (Jesse Belvin, Jo Ann Belvin) 4:33
3. I'm A-Tellin' You (Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler) 3:04
4. Just Be True (Curtis Mayfield) 4:08
5. The Way You Do The Things You Do (Bobby Rogers, William Robinson) 3:45
6. Can't See You When I Want To (David Porter, Ed Lee) 7:45
7. One Part-Two Parts (Dee Ervin) 3:08
8. I Don't Know Why I Love You (Don Hunter, Lula Hardaway, Paul Riser, Stevie Wonder) 2:59

Arrange – Dale Warren, Isaac Hayes
Producer – Isaac Hayes

PLAYLIST : David Porter ‎-- Gritty, Groovy & Gettin' It (1970)

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デヴィッド・ポーター ブログトップ