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アーチー・ベル&ザ・ドレルズ [ARCHIE BELL & the DRELLS] - Tightening Up [アーチー・ベル&ザ・ドレルズ]

a685d0b28fa0c096c3318110_L.jpgアーチー・ベル&ザ・ドレルズ [ARCHIE BELL & the DRELLS] - Tightening Up
1. Tighten Up
2. I Can't Stop Dancing
3. Do The Choo Choo
4. Love Will Rain On You
5. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
6. I Love My Baby
7. Girl You're Too Young
8. My Balloon's Going Up
9. A World Without Music
10. Don't Let The Music Slip Away
11. Wrap It Up
12. Dancing To Your Music
13. Ain't Nothing For A Man In Love
14. I Could Dance All Night
15. The Soul City Walk
16. Let's Groove
17. Everybody Have A Good Time
18. Glad You Could Make It
19. I've Been Missing You
20. Strategy

ARCHIE BELL & the DRELLS - Dancing To Your Music

Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten Up!

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