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マーヴィン・ゲイ [Marvin Gaye] - I Want You (Deluxe Edition) (1976 , 2003) [マーヴィン・ゲイ]

I Want You.jpgマーヴィン・ゲイ [Marvin Gaye] - I Want You (Deluxe Edition) (1976 , 2003)
CD1-01 I Want You (Vocal) 4:34
CD1-02 Come Live With Me Angel 6:30
CD1-03 After The Dance (Instrumental) 4:25
CD1-04 Feel All My Love Inside 3:23
CD1-05 I Wanna Be Where You Are 1:18
CD1-06 I Want You (Intro Jam) 0:20
CD1-07 All The Way Around 3:50
CD1-08 Since I Had You 4:05
CD1-09 Soon I'll Be Loving You Again 3:14
CD1-10 I Want You (Intro Jam) 1:41
CD1-11 After The Dance (Vocal) 4:39
CD1-12 I Want You (Vocal) (Promo Only Version) 3:35
CD1-13 I Want You (Instrumental) 4:33
CD1-14 Strange Love (Feel All My Love Inside) (Instrumental) 3:25
CD2-01 I Want You (Vocal & Rhythm) 5:01
CD2-02 Come Live With Me Angel (Alternate Version) 7:36
CD2-03 After The Dance (Instrumental) 5:32
CD2-04 Feel All My Love Inside (Alternate Version) 3:53
CD2-05 I Wanna Be Where You Are (Alternate Version) 6:07
CD2-06 I Want You (Guitar Jam) 0:29
CD2-07 All The Way Around 3:51
CD2-08 Since I Had You (Alternate Version) 4:16
CD2-09 Soon I'll Be Loving You Again (Alternate Version) 3:50
CD2-10 I Want You (Jam) (Undubbed) 4:52
CD2-11 After The Dance (Vocal) 5:15
CD2-12 I Wanna Be Where You Are (After The Dance) 4:00
CD2-13 You Are The Way You Are (Instrumental) 4:24
CD2-14 Is Anybody Thinking About Their Living? 4:24

Bass – Chuck Rainey, Henry Davis, Ron Brown, Wilton Felder
Drums – James Gadson
Guitar – David T. Walker, Dennis Coffey, Jay Graydon, Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson, Ray Parker Jr.
Backing Vocals – Lem Barney, Leon Ware, Marvin Gaye, Gwanda Hambrick
Congas, Bongos – Bobbye Jean Hall, Eddie "Bongo" Brown
Horns – Bobby Bryant, Charlie Veal, Ernie Watts, George Bohanon, Jim Horn, Oscar Brashear, Paul Hubinon, Bill Green
Percussion, Vibraphone – Gary Coleman, John "Jack" Arnold
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Jerry Peters, John Barnes, Sonny Burke
Synthesizer – Gary Coleman, Marvin Gaye (CD1-03, CD2-03)
Trumpet [Solo] – Chuck Findley
Arranged By [Rhythm] – Leon Ware
Arranged By [Strings, Horns] – Taylor Perkinson
Executive Producer – Berry Gordy, Marvin Gaye
Producer – Leon Ware

Marvin Gaye I Want You Live 1981

Marvin Gaye - "I Want You (Alternate Mix) (from the "I Want You:Deluxe Edition" CD)"
Marvin Gaye - After The Dance (Instrumental)

Marvin Gaye -I want you DELUXE edition-You Are The Way You Are(instrumental)

Marvin Gaye - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Андрюха Bagvashi)

Marvin Gaye "I Want You" (1976)

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