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ミニー・リパートン [Minnie Riperton] - Best of Minnie Riperton [ミニー・リパートン]

minnie.jpgミニー・リパートン [Minnie Riperton] - Best of Minnie Riperton
1. Perfect Angel
2. Lover And Friend (Single Version)
3. Memory Lane (Single Version)
4. Woman Of Heart And Mind
5. Lovin' You
6. Young Willing And Able
7. Can You Feel What I'm Saying
8. Stick Together
9. Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
10. Stay In Love
11. Inside My Love
12. Here We Go
13. Give Me Time (Single Version)
14. You Take My Breath Away
15. Advertures In Paradise
16. Simple Things
17. Light My Fire

ラビングユー ミニーリパートン

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

Back Down Memory Lane by Minnie Riperton

Leon Ware & Carleen Anderson - Inside My Love (Live in Amsterdam, 2001)

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