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ジ・イントゥルーダース [The Intruders] - Best Of The Intruders : Cowboys to Girls [ジ・イントゥルーダース]

The Intruders - Best Of The Intruders.jpgジ・イントゥルーダース [The Intruders] - Best Of The Intruders : Cowboys to Girls
1. A Love That's Real
2. Coyboys To Girls
3. Together
4. (We'll Be) United
5. (Love Is Like A) Baseball Game
6. Slow Drag
7. Sad Girl
8. Me Tarzan, You Jane
9. When We Get Married
10. Friends No More
11. (Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner
12. Mother And Child Reunion
13. I'll Always Love My Mama
14. I Wanna Know Your Name
15. Teardrops
16. Hang On In There
17. A Nice Girl Like You
18. Plain Ol Fashioned Girl
19. To Be Happy Is The Real Thing
20. Save The Children

The Intruders-Cowboys To Girls (1968)

The Intruders - (We'll Be) United

The Intruders - Love Is Like A Baseball Game

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