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ジーン・チャンドラー[Gene Chandler] - Nothing Can Stop Me / Greatest Hits (1995) [ジーン・チャンドラー]

0000.JPGジーン・チャンドラー[Gene Chandler]
Nothing Can Stop Me / Greatest Hits

1. Duke Of Earl (Gene Chandler (as Eugene Dixon) , Earl Edwards & Bernice Williams)
2. Nite Owl - The Dukays (Bernice Williams)
3. Tear For Tear (Ted Cooper, Carl Spencer & Ed Zolas)
4. You Threw A Lucky Punch (Smokey Robinson, Ronald White (as Ronnie White) & Don Covay)
5. Rainbow (Curtis Mayfield)
6. Man's Temptation (Curtis Mayfield)
7. Think Nothing About It (Curtis Mayfield)
8. Just Be True (Curtis Mayfield)
9. Bless Our Love (Bill Sheppard)
10. What Now? (Curtis Mayfield)
11. You Can't Hurt Me No More (Curtis Mayfield)
12. Nothing Can Stop Me (Curtis Mayfield)
13. (Gonna Be) Good Times (Curtis Mayfield)
14. I Fooled You This Time (Gene Chandler (as Eugene Dixon)  & Keni St. Lewis)
15. The Girl Don't Care (Keni St. Lewis & Gene Chandler (as Eugene Dixon) )
16. To Be A Lover (Karl Tarleton)
17. There Goes The Lover (Otis Leavill & Carl H. Davis)
18. Groovy Situation (Herman Davis & Russ Lewis)
19. Get Down (James Thompson)
20. Does She Have A Friend? (Bob Stone & Mark Gibbons)

PLAYLIST:Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me / Greatest Hits (1995)

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ジーン・チャンドラー [Gene Chandler] - Rainbow '80 [ジーン・チャンドラー]

Gene Chandler.jpgジーン・チャンドラー [Gene Chandler] - Rainbow '80
1. Get Down
2. What Now
3. When You're #1
4. God Bless Our Love
5. Rainbow '80
6. I'm Attracted To You
7. Almost All The Way To Love
8. Give Me The Cue
9. I'll Remember You
10. Please Sunrise
11. Tomorrow I May Not Feel The Same
12. Greatest Love Ever Known
13. You've Been So Sweet To Me
14. Stay Here In My Heart
15. All About The Paper
16. Let Me Make Love To You
17. Does She Have A Friend?

Gene Chandler - Does She Have A Friend ?

Gene Chandler-I Fooled You This Time

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