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スリー・ディグリーズ [The Three Degrees] - Best of The Three Degrees [スリー・ディグリーズ]

The Three Degrees.jpgスリー・ディグリーズ [The Three Degrees] - Best of The Three Degrees1. When Will I See You Again
2. Woman In Love
3. T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
4. Take Good Care Of Yourself
5. Year Of Decision
6. Get Your Love Back
7. Long Lost Lover
8. Toast Of Love
9. The Runner
10. My Simple Heart
11. Givin' Up Givin' In
12. Jump The Gun
13. Standing Up For Love
14. Here I Am
15. I Didn't Know
16. Dirty Ol' Man
17. Love Is The Message
18. Distant Lover

Three Degrees - Dirty 'Ol Man (live)

The Three Degrees - When will I see you again (Ruud's extended mix)

The Three Degrees Dirty Old Man

Three Degrees-Take Good Care Of Yourself (1975)

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